Shipping Policies


5 or 10 Specie Minimum

In order to keep things simple, each variety must be ordered in packs of either 5 or 10. For smaller varieties the order must consist of quantities of 10 or more. This policy is waived for a customer’s first purchase, and is withheld if we cannot provide the order’s full amount.

$200 Dollar Minimum Per Order

This is not a difficult minimum to reach considering we offer a wide selection of plants at a great cost. We do waive this policy for first time buyers, and will make exceptions to this policy if some varieties we offer are temporarily unavailable.


Shipping costs are dependent on location. Most of our shipping is through UPS ground, which offers the quickest, most dependable service for the best price. We also offer Ontrac shipping, and occasional USPS shipping for closer locations. Our sales team has the ability to calculate the shipping cost before an order to placed, so you know exactly what you are paying.

Return Policy

Not only do we offer the best quality, we guarantee it! If you receive poor quality plants, you can return those plants for either a credit or money back depending on the circumstance. We take pride in our high quality, and believe no one should have to pay for a poor quality product. Simply take photos of the plants, and reach your sales person immediately so he or she can correct the situation as quickly as possible.